Monday, July 12, 2010

Maker Monday: week 28

Last winter I made a pair of mittens out of very soft yarn. I had the pair for about a month before I lost one of the mittens. This week, after breaking a needle working on socks and losing a needle working on a different pair of socks, I decided to see if making a replacement mitten would go better. I was lucky to find another skein of the mitten yarn in my stash. This pattern is very simple, which is perfect for watching the Tour.

I stopped in Coralville yesterday where I picked up some replacement needles at Crazy Girl. I'm hoping to have better luck with socks this week.


mary-claire said...

it looks great! i really like that color.

essjay said...

I'm amazed that you had matching yarn in your stash to make another mitten - how great!