Saturday, July 31, 2010

Farmer's Market Finds

This morning John & I headed to the Downtown Farmer's Market. There is a lot of local produce available at the stands now, and I was excited to stock up. I picked up a chicken, peaches, sage and tomatoes.
I got the tomatoes at an organic heirloom tomato stand. They had varieties I had never seen before, including these teeny tiny currant sized tomatoes. They explode with tomato flavor. I'll be snacking on them all day.
After we stocked up on produce (John got a yellow cucumber that I should have taken a picture of) I was drawn to some garden art. It's my second garden art purchase of the year, and I fear I am descending into gazing ball and whirligig territory.

I'm headed to Market Day later. I'm hoping to find some cute jewelry and a bag for my camera. If I find anything good I'll let you know.


Kathleen said...

Next time I want to go to Market Day too. (And any gazing globe would probably get "broken").

mary-claire said...

That top picture is gorgeous! What the crap is Market Day?

essjay said...

Those tomatoes are SO tiny! I haven't been to the farmer's market since May. I miss it but am too lazy to get up early any more as summer has just been insanely busy.