Sunday, July 11, 2010

Panettone: Bread of the Week 28

It's Christmas in July this week. I made Panettone, an Italian Christmas bread. It's the first bread I've made with the wild yeast starter I've been cultivating. It is studded with dried fruit and slivered almonds.

I filled up both of my muffin tins with rolls of panettone. I had enough dough left over to make a small loaf with a 3 cup pyrex bowl. It makes for a cute loaf.

I'm particularly excited about panettone because it will keep for up to two weeks. I am used to bread that is best eaten within two days of baking and I am looking forward to not rushing through a loaf.


misterrios said...

Nice looking Panettone! I was really excited for everyone that got it the first time, since I sort of messed it up.

It will keep longer because of the sourdough. That's how they make German Bread last without preservatives.

I liked this one because I also had my sourdough ready by then. I actually made it twice because I burnt the first one.

essjay said...

I've only seen Panettone in big fat loves - those little ones are adorable (and much easier for portion control I'd think!).