Monday, September 27, 2010

Maker Monday: week 39

I am taking a crochet class on Monday nights. Last week was my first class. I spent most of the week practicing crochet.

So far I am not a fan of crochet. I am frustrated because I find the stitches confusing. The worst part is it is taking away from knitting.

Next week we are learning granny squares, which might get me excited about crocheting.


Liz said...

granny squares are the only thing I like to crochet... probably just because my Grama and Mom both granny square like crazy and it reminds me of the umpteen afghans I grew up with.

DiscKnits said...

I tried to teach myself crochet and was surprised that I could not figure it out. Mostly I just wasn't sure I was doing it right. I bet you catch on soon!

essjay said...

Where are you taking the class? I do hope it "clicks" for you - I've found crochet nothing but frustrating but I think that is because it requires me to use my left hand and well, that doesn't work well!

Jess said...

Maybe I can help you with the crocheting some time if it continues to be frustrating. I hope you enjoy the granny squares!