Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pumpernickel and Sunflower Seed Rye: Bread of the Week 37

This week I'm telling you about two different rye breads. It was my intention to spread them out over two weeks but I'm worried I'll forget about them so I'm doubling down.

I made pumpernickel which uses barm in the rye starter and yeast in the final dough. I like adding yeast to the final dough because it decreases the rise time significantly. It made a decent loaf and I'll be making it again soon. I didn't know that Aunt Kathy loves pumpernickel so I didn't save her a loaf. She'll be getting a few loaves for her freezer the next time I see her.

I also made Sunflower Seed Rye. This is one of the few rye breads I like. I love the nuttiness of the sunflower seeds
If you look closely at the loaf you can almost see the indentations left by the dowel. It isn't supposed to look like a huge bagel, but I didn't press down hard enough so that is what it looked like. I resisted the urge to cut it in half and put cream cheese on it. I settled for slices of toast.

One of the great things about participating in the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge is that I'm baking and trying breads I normally would avoid. Because I'm trying new things I have discovered that I do like some rye breads. I'm happily exploring new flavors.

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