Sunday, October 31, 2010

Goodbye Farmer's Market

Saturday was the last Downtown Farmer's Market of the year. John and I both stocked up on groceries, but we were really there to get our favorite market food for the last time.

Our first stop was the apple cider donut stand for a sugar fix. I'm usually not a big donut fan, but these have such a great flavor I had one every time I was at the market this summer.

After picking up some vegetables we stopped at the papusa stand. I had a bean and cheese papusa and John had a pork papusa. I may have to try making them this winter, as I cannot imagine going six months without one.

After we finished breakfast #2 we stopped by the Blue Gate Farm stand so I could smoosh the hand-spun yarn one more time.
At the Maytag booth I decided to bite the bullet and get the cheese wheel. I eat blue cheese on my salads (and on flat bread with honey when my sisters are around). Maytag is much cheaper at the market than the grocery store, so I decided stocking my freezer was the right thing to do.
There are two indoor winter markets (the weekend before Thanksgiving and the weekend before Christmas). I will be at both of the markets. I'm also joining the Iowa Food Coop so I'll be able to eat local while supporting small farmers year round. Both the coop and indoor markets will help, but I'm still counting down the days until the 2011 Downtown Farmer's Market season begins.


Kathleen said...

Mmmmm, blue cheese and honey on flatbread. That may be my favorite snack ever. Thanks for stocking up!

essjay said...

I finally had a cider donught at the first winter market - they are divine! I haven't tried a papuas (sp) but I will have to try one next year!