Thursday, October 21, 2010

Year In Pictures:Week 4

21:365 Chicago
On Friday John and I walked downtown from Mary-Claire's apartment. The coolest part was seeing the bean. John tried to eat it.

22:365 Wine and Couches
On Saturday night Mary-Claire and I left John at the apartment and got some wine at the wine store by her house. We were able to enjoy some wine in the fancy wine room with couches. It was a wonderful time.

23:365 Goose Island
We went on a brewery tour at Goose Island. The brewer was drunk. Mary-Claire and I entertained ourselves.

24:365 Coffee
Every night before I go to bed I get my coffee ready for the morning. At the moment coffee is a real treat - I have Fair Trade Organic Chocolate Almond Toffee coffee from Cup of Joe in Cedar Falls.

25:365 Blurry Delicious
This picture does not do my dinner justice. Sauteed vegetables in a spicy peanut sauce over brown rice. Hearty and warm.

26:365 Time Suck
Yesterday I got sucked into watching Andy Rooney on YouTube for longer than I care to admit.

27:365 Last Run
Tonight I ran in my summer running visor for what is probably the last time for several months. It's getting colder and darker after work, I don't need the wicking and sun shielding properties as much. I have my winter hat ready to wear, but I hope I get to use the visor a few more times.


Liz said...

Lots of FUN this week. Your hair looks fabulous.

Cup of Joe + Crazy Girl = fun time in CF .... actually I love downtown CF now. It's come a long way. Coffee sounds YUM.

mary-claire said...

I can't believe you CHOSE to watch Andy Rooney. Were you feeling just too calm and loving?

essjay said...

I love visiting downtown Chicago! I am glad you had fun visitng Mary-Claire!