Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tuscan Bread: Bread of the Week 40

This week's bread is Tuscan bread. Tuscan bread is unique in two ways: it is salt free, and a cooked flour paste is used in the final dough.

While making this bread I did not have high hopes. I figured it would be a bland bread. I planned on smearing hummus on it to make it edible.

I was surprised that I really liked this bread. It had the texture of a really big soft pretzel. I especially loved it with a pinch of sea salt on top. I'll be making this bread again.

1 comment:

Ivy said...

When I see this bread, I want to sprinkle it with rosemary and sea salt and stick my face in it. Then emerge to drink copious amounts of Chianti. It looks THAT good. :)