Sunday, October 31, 2010

Year In Pictures:Week 5

28:365 Ourtoberfest
This is the fifth year my friends and I have taken an afternoon in October off for a bar crawl. Stacey and Sarah were kind enough to humor me for a photo.

29:365 Sisters
OK, so technically this photo doesn't count, as I didn't take it. I like it so much more than any of the photos I took, so I decided it doesn't matter.

30:365 Sit a Spell
I spent a good portion of the week preparing for my Halloween Party. On Sunday Mary-Claire and I spent hours preparing. We went to the fabric store and made chair decorations.

31:365 Ribbon
On Monday I ran to Hobby Lobby before crochet class to pick up some party supplies.

32:365 Halloween Weather
On Tuesday it finally started to feel like rain.

33:365 Wine Charms
If you ever decide to throw a party I strongly suggest asking Mary-Claire for decorating advice. Not only did she come up with some great chair decorations, she also suggested using ribbon for wine charms. I looked up monster names and wrote the names on the ribbon. It was a fun way to keep the glasses straight.

34:365 Waiting
By Thursday I was ready for the party. It was hard to wait for Friday night for the fun to begin.

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