Tuesday, October 19, 2010

White Bread: Bread of the Week 42

This week I made white bread. I usually opt for whole wheat bread when it comes to snacking or sandwiches. It's more filling and has more flavor. The exception to that is when I'm grilling. I love a white bun to hold my hamburger or hot dog.

Instead of making a loaf of bread, I made hot dog buns.
And hamburger buns.

These were the best buns I've ever had. In my next house I'll have a big freezer in the basement where I can keep buns on hand. I long for a world where I never have store bought buns again.


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essjay said...

I have a big freezer in my garage if you ever need the storage space :) I can't promise they would still be there when you came back for them though! The buns look amazing!