Thursday, October 14, 2010

Year In Pictures:Week 3

14:365 Crab Rangoon Pizza
This is pizza so good I was delighted to capture Jen's first taste of it. This delicious pizza is so rich I only get it about once a quarter (unless Mary-Claire is in town).

15:365 Jen meets Des Moines
I spent last weekend showing Mary-Claire's friend around Des Moines. I had a great time and hope she moves here soon.

16:365 Decorations
On Sunday I finally got around to decorating my house for Halloween. Well, at least I started too. The week got away from me and I still have few more decorations to put out.

17:365 Crochet
On Monday nights Sarah and I have crochet class. Now that we are in the fourth week it isn't as frustrating. I've even learned that middle aged church ladies have filthy senses of humor.

18:365 Vegan Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies
I decided to make some healthy cookies to take to Chicago. They are chewy, cake like cookies. I like them a lot, but they are not as good as chocolate and are not a suitable substitute.

19:365 OUCH!
I threw my neck out in the middle of the night on Tuesday. I spent most of Wednesday on the couch with a heating pad high on Vicodin. How I remembered to take a photo is beyond me. My neck is doing better, but still hurts a lot. I probably shouldn't drive until I can check my blind spot without yelping.

20:365 Daisies
Yesterday John came over and made me dinner and brought me flowers. I love it when he brings me daisies because I get to spend the next week being reminded of how sweet he is each time I see the flowers. It also helps to distract from the mess that is my dining room table.

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essjay said...

I hope your neck is feeling better now! I have never been to Fong's pizza...another one to add to the list! The dasies are pretty - John is sweet to get them for you! I always love when Shane brings me flowers!