Thursday, March 4, 2010

Egg Day

Today was a bright day in my world. Not only was it sunny and warm (I actually left the building to buy coffee for the first time in months!), it was also an egg day. On egg day I meet Matt from Coyote Run Farm and pick up eggs fresh from the farm in Lacona.
Buying eggs from a parking lot is my new favorite part about eating local. They people at Coyote Run Farm are friendly and put out a good product; the shells are thicker, they taste fresher, and I know who is producing my food. Every week or two I get an e mail from them saying they will be in town with eggs. If I want eggs I e mail them and let them know how many dozen I want. When I pick them up I drop off the cartons and they are reused (if I remember....I have 5 egg cartons on top of my fridge right now).

They usually have meat and vegetables available too (although now they are down to just fingerling potatoes). It's just what I need to tide me over until the Downtown Farmer's Market starts up again (58 days, not that I'm counting).

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essjay said...

I didn't realize Coyote run farm did this - how wonderful and something I'll look into. Last year, during the farm crawl we got to explore their farm - such a lovely place!