Monday, March 22, 2010

Maker Monday: week 12

This week was all about small projects and using up stash yarn. After the baby blanket I was ready for a project I could hammer out in an hour or two. I also wanted to knit down my stash. I always have bits of dishcloth cotton hanging around. I just can't bring myself to throw away the golf ball sized bit of yarn that is left at the end of a dishcloth. So I put it in my cotton drawer and there it sits. At least until last weekend. Then it became part of my new potholders.

My old potholders were so old and raggedy I had to be careful how I grabbed them. Some parts were so thread bare I would burn myself. I found a few patterns I liked on Ravelry and adjusted them to my liking (I don't really see the need for a 14" square potholder - that just seems to be a bit much). So I used up 6 - 8 small balls at a time holding two strands of yarn together at a time and using size 8 needles. I think they are cute, and they work well. Because they are cotton they will shrink a little bit and become even more effective.

I also made a few dishcloths. I made two Dalek dishcloths and a circular dishcloth. The circular dishcloth is from a pattern Mom got from the knitting basket from one of her friend's mother's. It's written on a note card. I made it the first time just to see what it would look like. I like using something that looks like a doily to scrub dishes.

Last night I started working on socks again. I think after finishing a half dozen quick knits in a week I'm ready to tackle a larger project again.


essjay said...

Those potholders did turn out really neat using the different yarns. There is something classy about using a fancy wash cloth to wash dishes!

Mary said...

I reallly liked your pot holders-I didn't know people had nice ones! I would like a circle dish colth please - for use and show and tell at my sewing group.