Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ice Skating

It's finally warming up here in Iowa. It's possible to go outside without a heavy coat on. The snow is slowly disappearing. It will be spring before we know it.

Before winter fades completely into spring I wanted to get out and enjoy the cold one last time. The skating rink is still open, so Jamie and I took her kids skating.

Sebastian took to skating immediately. He even picked up a date and was skating without us.

After skating with his date he skated with me for a while. He was not impressed with my ability to sing along to the High School Musical soundtrack that was playing over the loudspeakers.

Violet decided skating wasn't for her. Jamie spent most of the morning sitting with her and trying to convince her to get on the ice.

Jamie did get out to skate a little bit.

I'm going to miss ice skating, but I am ready for spring. It is supposed to be in the 40s all week. If the sidewalks clear off I'm going for my first outdoor run of the season. I'm actually looking forward to it.


Jamie Marie Haas said...

Thank you so much! We had such a great time. Sebastian said he would go out on a date with you anytime. He had a blast. Can you pretty please post your photos on facebook for my mama to see? Thank you for being such a super great friend. You are truly super duper! Thanks again!

essjay said...

Looks like a ton of fun! I love that Sebastian picked up a date :)