Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Casatiello or yours?: Bread of the Week 10

This week for the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge I made Casatiello. Casatiello is an Italian version of brioche. It's usually made with salami and provolone. I'm not much of a fan of either so I decided to make another version suggested: bacon and cheddar.

Using bacon allowed me to cut down on the amount of butter used. I was able to replace 8 or the needed 12 tablespoons with bacon drippings. It made for a very flavorful bread. The bread is delicious on its own, but when used as the bread for an egg in a hole it becomes a breakfast dreams are made of.


essjay said...

It looks unbelievable! I need to pull out my bread book & make something tasty this weekend. Week after week your posts make me drool!

Frieda said...

I am SO glad you posted this...I'm not a fan of either meats, but definitely of BACON and CHEDDAR! Thanks!