Monday, March 1, 2010

Let them eat brioche: Bread of the week 9

This week I made Middle Class Brioche from the Bread Baker's Apprentice. I went with middle class because rich man's brioche uses a pound of butter, and even though the recipe makes more than one loaf of bread I couldn't bring myself to make it. I am not one to shy away from butter, but four sticks was a bit too much. The two sticks in middle class brioche was more my speed.

It was good, and I would have loved it had I made it before the America's Test Kitchen version. That bread was so amazing everything else pales in comparison.

A few weeks ago I spent a week with my family in Cancun. After coming back I've been really hungry for Mexican food (who am I kidding? When am I not hungry for Mexican food?). One of my favorite breads to use at lunch is tortillas. Tortillas from the grocery store are usually in my cupboard, but due to lent I'm shunning them. That meant that when I had tacos last night I needed to make my own tortillas. They are easy to make and taste much better than any tortilla I've found at the store. The recipe is from the Homesick Texan which is a blog I've been loving lately. If you're a Tex Mex fan I highly recommend it.


Frieda said...

I have been looking for a good tortilla recipe. Thanks for sharing the link!

essjay said...

The homemade tortillas look wonderful! I don't blame you for not using 4 sticks of butter...that is a lot!