Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Ain't No Challah Back Girl: Bonus Bread of the Week

I decided to make a bread that I could use for sandwiches this week. I loved how the Cook's Illustrated Challah turned out, so I decided to try the Bread Baker's Apprentice version.

It was even easier to make than CI version. Unfortunately, I was a little obsessed with finishing a row on Stacey's baby blanket, so it a little dry. Not burnt exactly, just not the right crumb.

In order to cover up my mistakes I whipped up some cashew almond butter (1 c cashews, glug of vegetable oil, glug of honey: process it looks like nut butter). The bread and the cashew butter go together beautifully.

I sliced the challah and put it in a freezer bag. I had such good luck with freezing bagels I decided to try freezing sandwich bread. So far defrosting it for 15 seconds in the microwave and then toasting it makes for a pretty good breakfast. I'm hoping it holds up well.


Frieda said...

O.k., I need to know exactly how much a 'glug' is....help!

Sarah said...

It was about a tablespoon. I would start with that and add a half tablespoon if the texture seems off. Let me know how it turns out!

essjay said...

Slicing up the bread before freezing is a brilliant idea. We don't use a lot of bread so it goes bad (which is no fun with homemade bread) and this would solve that problem! I'm looking forward to my bread baking adventure this weekend!