Saturday, May 15, 2010

How I Became A Pirate

For Conor & Ellie's birthday John and I got them tickets to How I Became A Pirate and took them out to dinner. The play was a lot of fun. How can you go wrong with a pirate musical? We even got autographs after the show.

Conor got to pick the restaurant, so we went to Tally's where you can sit on the roof. After eating big burgers and fries we headed to Snookies Malt Shop for some ice cream. It was a very fun time.


Kathleen said...

They would agree. Conor's best part was the play, and worst part was leaving. E liked the storm, but not the songs (say that part with an eye roll). They loved it!!

mary-claire said...

that sounds like such an awesome time. excellent gifting, sarah.