Sunday, May 30, 2010

Light Wheat Bread: Bread of the Week 22

This week for the Bread Baker's Apprentice challenge I made light wheat bread. Light does not refer to the calories in this bread; it is considered light because whole wheat flour accounts for 33% of the total flour. If you would like to check out the recipe, you can read the whole thing here.
I love this bread. This bread, like Peter Reinhart's bagels, will always be on hand in my freezer. When freezing sandwich bread I slice it and put it in a freezer bag. A quick 15 seconds in the microwave to defrost it and it's ready to go.
Grilled cheese was amazing with this bread, but my favorite way to eat it is peanut butter and jelly. I bring it to work for breakfast or lunch almost every day.

One of my favorite things about this bread is that it allows me to bring my sandwich to work in the cool pirate sandwich wrap that Kathleen made for me. I eat two meals a day at my desk, and the pirate wrap allows me to do it in style.


essjay said...

I love that snack sack! There is nothing like PB&J on a good slice of bread!

Frieda said...

This is a great tasting bread! You are smart to slice and freeze your bread. It takes mere minutes to thaw out and you've got fresh tasting bread.