Monday, May 24, 2010

Maker Monday: week 21

This week I worked on a Christmas present for 2010. I'm getting started early this year, so there will be weeks ahead where I won't be able to post pictures.

Luckily I got sidetracked by the yarn that was supposed to be my cowl but ended up being a few yards short, so I am able to post a photo this week. I'm giving a hat a try with it this time. I've made the hat before in green and I really liked it. I think it will good for slightly chilly days in cotton.

I may not have enough yarn this time either. I don't think I'll mind frogging it, as the yarn is so nice to work with I'll happy to work with it again.


essjay said...

I've been getting distracted lately too...part of life! Good for you for starting on the Christmas stuff already. I need a few cotton hats for the summer (no one needs to see my hair in the morning when I walk the dogs!).

Liz said...

heehee... I love that you'll keep frogging and knitting this yarn because it feels good to work with. Now that's love. :)