Monday, May 31, 2010

Maker Monday: week 22

This week I was able to finish my hat. I was happy to discover that I had enough yarn. The pattern I used was Foliage. I've made that hat before and was happy with the results.

The yarn I used was a thick worsted weight organic cotton. I followed the worsted pattern for the number of repeats in a round, but only knit the pattern twice instead if the instructed three times. I opted for a K2 P2 rib instead of the K1 P1 rib suggested.

I also worked on a Christmas present this week. I am not sure what I'll work on this week other than Christmas presents, so it is possible that next week will be photo free.


mary-claire said...

It's SO cute! but then I love your green one as well, so i'm not surprised.

essjay said...

Great yarn for the hat - I'm glad you found a pattern to work with it and it will be a great summer hat!