Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kaiser Rolls: Bread of the Week 20

This week I made kaiser rolls. I was worried about them, as I tried making them a few weeks ago and ended up having to throw the dough away. The dough just didn't come together. After a week off of the Bread Baker's Apprentice challenge I was ready to give it another try.

I had much better luck this time. I added about 2 extra tablespoons of flour, which seemed to do the trick. The dough was pretty sticky, so I ended up using a bit of four to roll the dough into logs and knot it. Because of that (and forgetting to buy sesame seeds) they don't exactly look like kaiser rolls.

They may not look exactly like a kaiser roll, but they do taste exactly like them. I'm excited to eat sandwiches on hard rolls for lunch every week. I'm making azuki bean sandwich spread to eat with them. I know it won't live up to my memories of ham or turkey with mayo, but the rolls are so good I won't mind.


misterrios said...

Beautiful. Love the knot and the end peeking through. Shaping was the only thing I liked about my rolls. Otherwise, I thought they were pretty plain, but I've never been big on Kaiser Rolls anyhow.

Frieda said...

Congrats on a beautiful kaiser roll! Mine were naked, sesame seeds~

essjay said...

They look delicious!